Spain City Sales

Dear SCS Customers we have updated our shop with a new PAYMENT option and a tracking page

Because Crypto currency is really popular at this time we have add a payment option that u can check out with Crypto currency the best thing about this is that when u pay with ur crypto currency the order wil be paid immediately and there for we can process your order also within the hour 

pls check it out for a fast and secure proceed.

About the new Tracking page, on this page u can track ur order directly and then u know also when its leaves our warehouse and when it come to ur adres.


RC Products

Same day sending if order made and paid before 15:00

The discount is available til 01-01-2022

This time 25% DISCOUNT !!

After the Holidays Disount we wil extend a new discount code for 2021 !

 The discount code is : #Happy2021

i want to wish you all a happy shopping and happy holidays